Mature 40 Year Old Women – What Do Women Who Are 40 and Over Want From Men?

By mandy | June 26, 2010

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If you are a man over 40, you need to know what 40 plus mature women want from men. There are three scenarios. In the first, the woman is married and has a husband and family to look after. Such kind of mature 40 woman is more interested in having a relationship that is more emotional than physical, if such women 40 are not completely satisfied out of their wedlock, they may take recourse to a fling with another men to overcome the guilt of not having full compatibility with their partner. Mature singles free

In second scenario, the woman may be a single parent or a divorcee. Such mature 40 women, though seemingly independent, are vulnerable inside and they want someone to fulfill the emotional quotient that is unfulfilled deep inside. Such women 40 are hesitant, but once they believe you are interested in long term relationship are willing to have a relationship with older, serious men.

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In the third scenario, the mature 40 woman is unmarried and single. Such women 40 are mostly financially independent and want a relationship on an equal footing. These kinds of women are demanding in nature and do not hesitate to throw out the man in their life if they do not like his attitude or is unfaithful to them.

One thing that is common to all women, whether they are young or 40 plus mature women, all require full attention of the men in their lives and do not want to be taken for granted. As women grow older, their disposition towards life changes and they demand more care and attention from the men in their lives. The physical charms of mature 40 plus women starts to fade, and they do not get that much attention from younger men. So these mature 40 plus women tend to latch on to the men in their lives and want more praise from them.

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    [...] There are many of us who have grown mature and are single. If you are a mature single woman, you may find it difficult to adjust in social circles as most of your friends have husbands and kids and you seem misfit in their company. But, emotional and physical desires remain the same, whether a woman is married or not. There are many mature women singles, and nearly all face this dilemma of whether to fall in a relationship with a married man or not. Mature single woman has to play the role of a bread earner as well as that of a woman who is attractive and socially active. Mature 40 year old women [...]


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